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When I feel content that I have all of these magical behind the scene moments photographed, I take my place to photograph the ceremony.


I try to be non-invasive while still focusing on getting that perfect shot. I will continue to photograph the reception for those traditional moments like the tossing of the bouquet, champagne toast, and cake cutting. I will also be looking for those unique candid shots from different heights and angles so you can have the very best wedding album to cherish. 

There is a 200.00 deposit required to hold your date and you will forfeit that deposit if you have to cancel within a six months notice to Focus On You Hair and Photography. This gives us enough time to rebook your date.

1st Hour:                 $200.00


Every Hour After:  $100.00



Relax on the beach for some fun in the sun themed photos! Evening is the best time to shoot to capture the best lighting.


When it comes to clothing selection I recommend casual themed and no shoes. Matching or similar outfits such as solid colors, jeans, khakis, and plain t-shirts are best to create a laid back serene atmosphere for photos.

There will be a traveling charge if I'm not in the area. Please call to discuss charges. 

1 hour sessions:      

 1-4  people               $175.00

5-10 people               $225.00



You're constantly having to buy new shoes because they are growing out of them so fast...right? 


Time goes by fast and before you know it they are another year older...and you haven't taken time to capture the moments. Let us help you with that! They will have fun!!






1 hour sessions:      

1-3  children               $100.00

4-6 children               $150.00


High School & College

Do you want to settle for a photographer that only shoots 10 or 12 shots of you to choose from or do you want a photographer that will let you change outfits and spend at least an hour focused on you?

You will have many of shots to choose from. Ladies I can do your hair and make up if you prefer.

1 hour sessions:      $150.00


Hairstyle                   $45.00

Makeup                    $45.00



This is a very exciting time of your life...and you will want to have pictures of these precious fleeting moments. We can photograph you in the privacy of your home and capture any ideas you have ..or offer our ideas. This photo shoot can include the father of your baby if you would like. We can also do these shots in a public setting such as a park, if you want to be fully clothed...and are not going for a more intimate look.

1 hour sessions:      $150.00




Whether it's head shots, professional business, or entertainment, I want to make sure to capture you at your best!

We also offer hair and make-up services. See Salon services for pricing. One extra change of clothes is recommended in order to get two different looks.

1 hour sessions:      $150.00


Hairstyle                   $85.00

Makeup                    $85.00



They become a part of our families and we cherish photographs of them, especially after they are gone.


I love animals and will photograph them as if they were my own.

1 hour sessions:      $150.00


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